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Originally Posted by jynx View Post
Hey guys I have an HTC Evo on Sprint and so does my brother. We are on the Family Plan that is Everything Data Share 1500 minutes for $129.99. We do a lot of traveling both domestic and international and I do not know how it works with Sprint and this phone.

1. I have heard my plan has unlimited data roaming. Is that true?
2. If I go domestic and am roaming are there any additional charges for texting, picture sending, emails, calls?
3. If I go international how does it work? Can I text, send pictures, emails, calls?

Any info would be great. Thanks.
You do not have to worry much about roaming in the US on Sprint. So long as that the majority of your useage is non-roaming you will be fine (domesticly). Sending pictures, texts, internet useage, and voice calls are included in roaming in the US.

Internationally, I dont know much about, but I do know that Sprint (and any other CDMA network; such as vzw) does not have much coverage internationally. Also, international roaming is not covered with Sprint, only domestic roaming. Although, if you're in WiFi range you can use your phone through that connection anywhere.
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