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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I was looking at the Nook Color and talking out loud how I could root that and throw a custom ROM on it and have a working tablet. Joking with my GF I said she can get me a tablet for my Christmas and in all seriousness I was joking. So like a day or two later I was looking at the Archos 70 and 101 online and again commenting on these units. She hopes on Best Buy and orders me a A7HT now when I opened it up I was a bit surprised and it was a cool gift but it was not exactly what I wanted thankfully the wifi was not working 100% and the resistive screen blew chunks on this unit, So I talk to her and ask her if I could return it and then just set aside that money for a unit I would rather have. Well when we got home Monday after the return she looked at me and said you want the A70IT I did not know there was a difference threw me her CC and told me to find it. God I have the greatest GF, the A7HT is a decent unit for someone that just wants an e-reader and web browser and the step up to the A70IT or the A101IT is so worth the extra money if you want more.
I'm going to chime in on the bolded part of your comment so undecided people get a more complete picture.

The Archos 7 Home Tablet (A7HT) is a horrible e-reader for 2 reasons.

1) No Kindle app
2) No Nook app

Aldiko is a horrible e-reader IMO. There is very limited access to ebooks and isn't even close to the "quality" of a Kindle or Nook app. The A7HT has android version 1.5 which may not mean much to some people. As my first device was a Motorola Droid (which shipped with Android 2.0) I didn't have any experience with anything less than that. Kindle and Nook apps from the market do NOT support Android 1.5 (Android 1.6 is supported but 1.6 may never be available on the A7HT).

If having e-reading functionality is important to you, do not buy the A7HT. I returned both of the ones I bought for my kids and picked up two NOOKcolor e-readers. I've rooted it, installed Android Market, and it works brilliantly. Games, apps, and yes, even the Kindle app works on the rooted NOOK's.

My Archos 70 Internet Tablet (A70IT) is really nice as well as an e-reader with access to both popular e-reader apps. There are many choices for a tablets that double as e-readers (or vice versa ) but the A7HT is NOT one of them.

Glad to hear that you got a A70IT. When you find someone that caters to the "tech" in you...the next step is buying a ring for that person
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