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Since you are all having fun in the shell, you may want to log in to your Droid from your laptop or desktop because it's a LOT easier to type in a shell from there, using a normal keyboard, as opposed to the tiny terminal emulator app on the Droid.

I use quicksshd ($1.50 from market) and that allows me to log into my Droid within my local network from a PC. It's very robust and reliable and runs a standard "drobpbear" (sshd lite) daemon.

On your PC end, try downloading freeware client putty.exe (google it) as it's an excellent PC-based ssh client. From there you can connect to your Droid from your big machine, with the username 'root' and the password you supplied to quicksshd on your Droid. You'll think you logged into your regular desktop linux machine instead of the Droid . All your droid rooted commands will work there. Well, this all assumes you're rooted, of course.

Unfortunately, since Verizon blocks incoming port 22 (sshd) to your Droid from the outside world, it's trickier to log into your Droid from outside your local wifi network via 3G. That's still very doable, though, if you use a port forwarding agent app on your Droid such as ConnectBot. You can port forward your Droid's dropbear port 22 out to a remote linux machine on the internet, then log into your Droid via the port you forwarded to that remote machine. In other words Verizon won't let you into port 22 on your Droid from the outside world, but if you initiate it from your Droid, you can "teleport" your Droid's port 22 out to a remote machine and log in from there.

There may be a lot of gibberish sounding stuff in this post, because there is a lot of information here, especially if you're a linux newbie. Let it suffice to say that if you can decode what I've said, it'll give you the ability to log into your Droid and run a shell on your Droid from anywhere on the internet while your Droid is 3G connected. neall
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