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Originally Posted by UBRocked View Post
I'm going to chime in on the bolded part of your comment so undecided people get a more complete picture.

The Archos 7 Home Tablet (A7HT) is a horrible e-reader for 2 reasons.

1) No Kindle app
2) No Nook app

Aldiko is a horrible e-reader IMO. There is very limited access to ebooks and isn't even close to the "quality" of a Kindle or Nook app. The A7HT has android version 1.5 which may not mean much to some people. As my first device was a Motorola Droid (which shipped with Android 2.0) I didn't have any experience with anything less than that. Kindle and Nook apps from the market do NOT support Android 1.5 (Android 1.6 is supported but 1.6 may never be available on the A7HT).

If having e-reading functionality is important to you, do not buy the A7HT. I returned both of the ones I bought for my kids and picked up two NOOKcolor e-readers. I've rooted it, installed Android Market, and it works brilliantly. Games, apps, and yes, even the Kindle app works on the rooted NOOK's.

My Archos 70 Internet Tablet (A70IT) is really nice as well as an e-reader with access to both popular e-reader apps. There are many choices for a tablets that double as e-readers (or vice versa ) but the A7HT is NOT one of them.

Glad to hear that you got a A70IT. When you find someone that caters to the "tech" in you...the next step is buying a ring for that person
In response:

I would not say the HT could not be an e-reader you just have to jump through more hoops then I care to (Root, Custom 1.5 rom, then a Crappy android market install) but it would always be sub-par.

The screen was hideous my Dell D620 laptop have a better touchscreen (and yes I know it does not come with one). But I am going to say that for the movies I loaded on the device it was freaking awesome the speakers were nice for being so small. The Picture clarity was good and it played the avi's smoothly.

Beyond that there was nothing I could do and it was not a reason slide me laptop or my Vibrant away when I was sitting on the couch.

As for the GF ya i think we cater to the tech in each other. Maybe someday I will buy her a Ring just been down that path once before and keep thinking why fix what is not broke, Being a 6 year friend before we started dating i also have an inside look on her views of marriage (One guy that was going to ask her got dumped on his head), So I will wait till her nice southern family march me up to the alter with a shotgun. I write this as she is looking over my shoulder giggling over at my response.
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