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Originally Posted by kdkinc View Post
One of the brochure page states April 2010.
I think that is probable more towards the truth .
I had read on one of these tech site that Motorola had bought a block of advertising for the supper bowl.
IF that correct I would imagine that the Droid would still there main push to sell.
Motorolla needs help and I don't think that VZW would want to cut there legs off so quickly.
Vzw i'm sure is happy with the Droid sales so why split the market when the anticipation for a new phone can sit on the back burner and simmer.

I think you are confusing some things.
The catalog said the Bravo (aka the european name) was coming out in april which would mean in Europe. US is supposed to be in January.
Motorola buying a block of advertising wouldn't have to have any effect on Verizon's advertising. In fact Motorola buying advertising in Early January could be indicative of Verizon moving on to advertise something else. I'm not sure I've seen any motorola advertising for the Droid so far. All of it has been Verizon. Going by the timeline that was released Verizon's Droid launch push ends on the 26th of this month. Hence Verizon moving on early next year would make sense.
I dont know why people think Verizon cares which phone gets sold. If the Incredible/Passion sells at the same price point and requires the same plan fees as the Droid, Verizon wont give 2 hoots whether a store sells a Droid or a Passion. $200 is $200 to Verizon. Besides an Android 2.x phone without a physical keyboard just means they can possibly expand their base a bit more (and a few less parts to break for their tech support people to fix).
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