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Originally Posted by DenverRalphy View Post
Quit busting on the guy. The issue isn't whether people will or will not leave messages. The issue is actually HAVING voicemail for his service. Unfortunately in Croatia, it seems they have to pay extra for voicemail, as well burn minutes to listen to voicemail.
Better read before you get your knickers in a twist, Ralphy:

Originally Posted by Busha View Post
I guess you are not living in Croatia :-))) I have checked today, we do have voicemail and it is free for me to listen messages but 99% of people will not leave the message after the phone rings 5 times so I wont use it...I never do, I just call later...
So the OP does have voicemail, and it is free to check. But people just don't leave messages there*! So whatever recording device you install, people won't use it!

*probably the main reason voicemail is free overthere: the voicemail service doesn't cost providers there anything either because nobody ever uses it!
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