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Originally Posted by dmm5157 View Post
Kind of a bummer. I didn't know it was plastic as well.

I tried it out this past week and it was a nice little handset ... but compared to my overclocked Hero running CM6.1.0 and the Epic/Evo sitting next to it, it was put to shame. The performace boosts to the Optimus are supposedly pretty good, though, once you root and flash custom ROMs on it.

Looking forward to CES in 2 days. Hopefully some good looking phones come out. I've been eligible to upgrade, but have been holding out. I love my Hero and was thinking of getting a new Android tablet instead of dropping $200+ on a newer phone.
Yeah, I am eligible to upgrade to a new handset in just under a month, but I have no plans currently to do so. Sprint seems set in its plan to not bring out a high end handset to the 3G only buyers, which is a damned shame in my opinion.

I really have no options to turn to for a higher specification handset after my Sprint HTC Hero bites the dust, which I hope it never does. I would LOVE a Sprint HTC EVO 4G, but I do not love the 4G fee that is attached to it.
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