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Bravo for the Incredible Passion! Are we confused yet?

I certainly hope it comes to Verizon and in January. Both things (Verizon / January) are still in question. I do think both sides of this argument have a point, it can make sense and it can not make sense to release another Droid line phone in January / February. Basically what that means, is it depends on Verizon and HTC, which we don't really know how they think of it, and if it will hit US before Europe.

I'd still like to see the Nexus One on Verizon to. Something very appealing about it to me. However, if the Incredible / Bravo is what we end up getting, it's very similar by the looks / sounds of pics and spec rumors, so I suppose it will be a good alternative. I'm not familiar with optical pads on phones, but I'd imagine it's the equivalent of a ball mouse vs. an optical mouse, so hopefully it's actually better than the Nexus One.

Other thing I want cleared up is, which of these is the Passion? It's looking like the Nexus One is the real name of the Passion (Code Name), considering the most recent leaks. However there's still speculation that the Bravo is the Passion, meaning that if the Incredible is the Bravo, then it ALSO is the Passion. Obviously still meaning Passion is a code name. HOWEVER, the leaked ROM of model names showed these phones all being separate, and obviously there's still the question of Passion vs PassionC. I have a feeling the ROM list was not necessarily final, and things may have changed, or we may have seen a combo of actual names / code names....

Almost overwhelming, but I've been following it for so long now, I actually understand everything and where it currently falls. I just want all the names / release dates / carriers to be cleared up so I can stop being curious.
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