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Originally Posted by Snow_Fox View Post
Apple vs Android fanboyism.

I am not a fanboy of any sort.

I use whatever product suits my needs most.

So. dear apple fanboys.

GET THE **** over it. You DON'T have direct x 11 with xfire 6870's. I DO
Windows only! Your mac can't do it and thats what I need. Don't give me some bs line about your mac being better hardware, I am a computer science major in college.. I know you have intel based processors performing more instructions per clock than my AMD, my processor is also stable at 4 ghz and cost a fraction of the cost.

I don't care that you like an easy to use kindegardener friendly os.. That is your business. That doesn't mean its better. It only means your throwing around blanket statements and listening to Steve jobs too much.

Dear. Android Fanboys.

WE GET IT, Apple is going to come crashing down.

I don't care how much better android is. Quit comparing android to iphone.

The iphone is a joke in terms of hardware.

Compare android to android, or android to windows 7.

and QUIT looking at statistics. I don't care who they favor.. they are probably skewed no matter how you look at them.

Also..get over it.. I am tired of hearing whining "OH MY PHONE HAS X PROBLEM"



I don't care what fanboys of any particular OS say.. they all have problems and guess what.. you need to pick the one that is not a problem to you!

If anyone says a particular phone doesn't have a problem. They are either A. lying or B. not using their phone as much as the next person in line will.

I totally agree with you on everything except the part about ppl whining about having a problem with their phone. I mean I could be wrong but I thought a big part of these forums were for ppl to help other ppl with their problems. Am I missing something?
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