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That is probably true, but right now I don't have a very large salary, entry level job at a lower paying company (benefits are great but they still rack up extra costs at the same time), and a wife who is just a Special Education TA at an elementary school means that the $0-50 is very tempting, but so is the Atrix. In addition, I know that the Atrix will easily be able to show off the capabilities of Android extremely well in order to show off to my entire family the reasons why I wanted to switch from my crappy iPhone 3G, and didn't want to go to the iPhone 4.

I am only looking at the Motorola phones currently because I don't like the feel of the Samsungs, and I hate how the Infuse is a very slightly improved Evo/Desire HD. I also dislike the size and shape of the phone icon on Sense and prefer the Motoblur phone and contact buttons even though they are less classy looking.

Every Motorola phone I've had or seen (My dad worked for Motorola since the late 70's so I watched the evolution of the cellphone through his) has been great, and the old hand-me-down StarTAC and Razr phones that I had before my iPhone were amazing and in my opinion much better phones than the Apple ones.

The Bravo is a great, very under-appreciated phone. It has the power to rival most current high-end phones even though it only has the 800 mhz processor (if you trust the benchmarking scores, which I'm unsure about). I love how it has the 1530 mAh battery (I hate HTC phones battery life, and is a reason why I loathe my iPhone 3G).
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