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Originally Posted by lunameow View Post
Trying Alarm Clock Xtreme here. I'm a super-heavy sleeper, and the stock alarm seems turn to itself off if you don't hit snooze or something in 10 minutes. I also like to snooze a lot, and found I kept hitting Dismiss instead. This one has math to shut it off, plus you can add an extra math problem for every time you hit snooze. Once you hit the button to turn it off, the alarm just starts repeating non-stop and disappears from the screen. So you actually have to go into notifications, open it up, then do the math problem (which also has four buttons other than the "submit" button).

Basically, if you wake up groggy enough that you'd fall back asleep, this alarm does not let you. My morning goes like this:

Accidentally hit Turn Off, thus setting the alarm repeating
Fumble around for a moment, too sleepy to figure out where the alarm disappeared to
Remember it's on notifications; try 3-4 times to gain enough motor control to open it
Realize that if it doesn't stop, it's going to wake up the husband, and drag myself into another room
Solve math problem
Accidentally hit Pass (see the above motor control thing)
Solve math problem again
Hit submit
Get the answer wrong because my brain's still asleep
Solve math problem one more time
Hit submit

Now I'm awake, completely out of the bedroom, and at least reasonably alert. I may even be able to drop a few of the 7 alarms that I use to wake up. :P
Haha, cheers! This is exactly how I am. I am using Alarm Clock Plus which has similar features. If I dont set the alarm to math I wont wake up!
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