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Taken from here, but cleaned up for you.

>warning< I do not have an Intercept and have not done these step myself. These are almost identical to the steps used to do the same with the almost identical (hardware wise) Moment that I do have experience with.

1. Download the following files:
2. Install SWUpdate.

3. Patch SWUpdate.

4. Copy the stock Sprint image (SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar.md5) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung Electronics\SWUpgrade\Models\Binary (Program Files will only have x86 next to it if you're on a 64 bit system).


6. Remove the .md5 from the SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar.md5 name so that it is named SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar

7. Unhook your phone from USB if it is conneceted to your pc.

8. Put your phone in download mode: with the phone off hold down volume down, camera and hang up button.

9. Launch SWUpdate on your pc

10. Follow the prompts and hook up the phone to the computer when told to. When you first run this it will tell you to pull your battery out at one point, you should do this. You don't need to do that the next time you run it.. just click through.

11. When the default image is done flashing your phone will reboot. Then it's time to set it up and install whatever apps you like.

Before you do this, it would be a good idea to mention what issues you're having with 2.2. For the vast majority of users, 2.2 is a major and successful upgrade over 2.1. Witness how hard it is to find rollback instructions, very few are doing it. It may be that the issues you're having aren't because of 2.2 but due to a unsuccessful (and likely repairable) 2.2 upgrade.
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