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I've had it on just shy of 24 hours now, so now's about as good a time for an initial review as any.

Great boot animation, loaded most of my apps pretty quickly, and overall installation was smooth. Getting it out of the way, it seems 3G is working. Will it continue, I don't know, but my widgets and apps aren't in need of resetting like they were on previous GB ROMs. GPS and all other apps are currently working, as is the accelerometer.

Very fluid ROM (well, it is, as fast as any ROM I've had on my Droid. From internet, to app opening, you're not gonna wait long.

Battery life is ok. Not great, but not bad. After about 14 hours, I was down to 40% with light to average use. But after pulling it out from there and playing with it, it dropped to 20% mad quick like.

Liquid seems to be following suit now putting his Liquid Tweaks under Settings, which I enjoy. Lot of customizing you can do from there. And there's also the screen off animation that I described in an earlier post which mimics shutting off and older TV set. Totally love that.

Overall, this is a very good ROM and has been the best GB option out there on my Droid. Best of luck to you and yours.
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