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------------If you catch an error while using apk manager, you need to start over or figure out about java being in your path....or fix whatever the issue is....dont ignore it and go ahead and try to boot your final .zip; most likely you will go in to boot loops.-------

WARNING: I literally just got through learning this and am not responsible for messing up your phone. I also want it clear that having just learned it myself....any step could be off. (Im writing this up as much for myself as anyone

The next warning is that I thought I was having problems getting java in my I think I was doing something else wrong. I wanted to make sure and explain the whole java thing but pretty much no nothing about java and figure that it may have not been an issue for if you follow these steps and it doesnt work you may look at putting java in your path....whatever all that means.

The final warning: make sure you have a lot of time and patience, its gonna take both to get through this.

----huge thanks to bouchigo; without him you wouldnt even be reading this attempt to do a tutorial on this-----



Im gonna change matted blues to ff33cc, whatever color that was....pinkish or something....

things you will need;
apk manager; Apk Manager 4.9 - Makes Modifying Ur Apk A Breeze (Windows/Linux) - xda-developers
7zip (you should have this already if you are going this far in to themeing)
I also have these java versions and android sdk installed....(exact versions or what is neccessary is beyond me, im telling you what i have in);
Java Platform, Standard Edition 6u21 Binary Snapshot Releases
java developer kit
Java SE Downloads
Android SDK | Android Developers
android developer sdk

i downloaded and isntalled both javas, android kit, and of course 7zip, then tired to put java sdk bin, android tools, and app manager other in my path. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS.^(shoot, it may not even can try it first without worrying about the whole path thing and see how it goes).


You will also need:
- a copy of the liberty version 1 rom (we'll see how all this works on other roms and later versions....havent tried that yet).
- a copy of the theme you want to change colors on.
- toggle button on.9 that is correctly compiled (there were errors on the on in the liberty rom framework....ill upload one you can download, extract and apply when its time).
dont change its name^

extract apkmanager
go in to 7zip and open up liberty rom unitl you find "framework-res.apk"
drag drop it in to apk managers folder called "place here to mod"

we should see this:

now close 7zip and hit script inside apk manager
follow these steps;
-enter to start
22 to select then enter
1 to select framework-res then enter
9 to decompile then enter

it should start decompiling your framework from liberty rom.

when its done go in to the projects folder in apk manager and open up:
-projects, then framework-res, then res, then drawable hdpi

at this point you should be looking at a bunch of the png's (little pictures).
- find and delete "button toggle on.9" and "button toggle on."
see below;

- now add your properly compiled button toggle .9 (or just use the one you downloaded from be my unzipping the folder and drag dropping the png right in to the same folder you deleted the other 2 button toggle on's from).

--------------------switching gears
now back out until you see all the folders in res, there should be a folder called "values"....see below;

- go in to it and find "colors."
drag drop colors in to

(continued next post....saving all this).
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