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Default drag drop colors on to notepad and you should see this;

now these are what was changed on blackdoutblue theme....and the pic is what bouchigo sent me that he changed.
I just use bouchigo's pic and run through them, ill leave out the ones for the sliders.
Im still experimenting with I'm just getting to doing this.

bright forground dark
bright forground disabled

dim fogrnd drk
dim forgnd drk disabled
dim forgrnd drk inv
dim forgrnd drk inv dis

brght forgrnd lght

brght frgrnd lght disabled
dim frgrnd lght
dim frgnd lght disabled
dim frgrnd lght inv
dim frgrnd lght inv disabled

search url txt nrml
search url txt selected to @color/bright_foreground_dark

kygrd txt color unlock
kygrd txt color soundoff
kygrd txt color sound on
kygrd txt color decline

i just use this for now^
pic the color you want from here;

im using ff33cc and the edit code is in alpha (ff) it will look like ffff33cc.
basically put an ff in front of whatever color code you pick.

now go through and edit the ones you want to change.
you should be seeing something like this;

i pointed an arrow at one of the changes i made....anywhere you see that same code i changed it to what i wanted there.
- then click save in notepad.

-------------------switching gears again.
no go back in to apk manager and back out until you see the original "script" button and the "place apk to mod here" folder and all that.

run the script....or if you never closed it then get to the window for it again.
type 22 to select work
select 1 for framework-res
then 11 to compile

it should now tell you it is building your apk....
-------when it is done it will ask you if it is a system apk...awnser YES AND YES TO THE NEXT QUESTION AS WELL.
it will begin a huge extraction process, when its done follow the directions it has....which should be to:
go back in to apk manager and the "keep" folder....make your way to drawable hdpi and delete the "button toggle on .9" png we added earlier and to back out and delete the "resources.arsc" that is in the keep folder.

like this;

i already deleted the resources folder or id show a pic of it as well. you should see it when you first open the "keep" folder.
- now back to the apk manager (terminal) to hit return.

It should go through a compressing process, say that everything is ok (real quick), the go back to the "make your decision" page.

----Now hit 22 to select your project again and then select FRAMEWORK-RES....NOT....NOT....UNSIGNED FRAMEWORK-RES.
(I wasted a ton of time thinking I had to select unsigned framework-res).

see below;

----After it goes back to the "make your decision" screen....SELECT OPTION 12 TO SIGN THE APK.

Now you should have an "signed-framework-res.apk" in the "place apk here to mod" folder of apk manager.
If so, then drag drop it to your desktop.
Then right click and rename it just "framework-res" basically right click, rename, and delete the signed part of its name.

(continued next post).
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