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--------now open two counts of 7 zip;
-1 of the new framework you just created
-2 in to the framework of your theme you want to change the colors on

- next go in to the "res" folders of both and find the drawable folders.

- highlight any .png's (and the default wallpaper .jpg in res drawable) and drag drop over to the framework you made on your desktop (inside 7zip, if course).
Like this;

back out and go in to the next "drawable" folder and do the same.
in "drawable hdpi" you can just use 7zips edit, select all; then drag drop the whole thing.
----we arent pulling over .xml's (except the battery ones in drawable hdpi).

--once you have gone through all the drawable folders and dragged the pngs over to their same folder in the framework (you created) in 7zip....close both 7zips.

then reopen two 7zips and take 1 into the theme you want to change the color on, the second to where you can see your new framework.

like this;

you can either delete the one inside the theme you are wanting to change, or just drag drop your created framework in to it and it will overwrite the old one.

---now close up 7zips and drop on your sd card and install (good

you should get this;

the way ive been able to tell mess ups is that launcher pro, widget locker, and the liberty option inside settings all force close.

if you follow this method you should be ok.
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