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Originally Posted by s.m.knipe View Post
Yeah, sorry I'm late to the party, my friend texted me earlier that they had a training meeting sunday evening too that was scheduled as 4G training, but he said they were going to be discussing the Atrix and Inspire. He said the phones are coming around the 13th, but he still thinks the Inspire is coming first. He also said that pricing was strictly not discussed by the regional guy, nor was availability to his store (sometimes he gets things right after launch day). He also said that at first the guy said the 13th, but then wouldn't comment on which phone (or both), and the rest of the meeting he changed quickly to saying "around" the 13th. He also said it was odd that it was just an AT&T guy, as apparently the training for the Bravo, Flipout, and whatever was done by a Motorola rep hosted by At&T, and the Aria had a similar guy but not with either HTC or AT&T directly. This one was a regional sales manager for AT&T...
At any rate, he said to expect them both soon, and that they are amazingly cool phones...

Edit: I just texted him about accessories and he said he is getting them AFTER the devices, and that he probably won't have the docks for a while. Whether that's an authorized dealer thing or just that they aren't ready yet, I don't know...
I'm just having a hard time believing they are going to drop the Inspire before or at the same time the Atrix drops. We haven't seen a peep out of the Inspire, not a comercial nor have we seen this thing boot up.
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