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Originally Posted by MarcMaiden View Post
I think the Atrix and Inspire coming out at the same time makes perfect sense actually.

AT&T (other carriers) have been releasing phones in pairs lately.

AT&T launched 2 wp7 at the same time
the bravo and flipside were launched at the same time

The Samsung captivate and BB torch were launched around the same time

on verizon, when the first droids came out, the Eris and Moto Droid came out at the same time...

who cares if they release the phones at the same will make the atrix people happy and the inspire people happy

(and make the people who cant decide go crazy)
Dude seriously, Flipside, Bravo, Droid and Eris. Yea makes sense if you are going to consider the Inspire a lesser phone not on par with the Atrix as the Eris was to the Droid. Other than that I don't see why it makes sense. Can you elaborate?
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