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Originally Posted by revogozoom View Post
those commands wont do anything more than reboot your phone
I found that out the hard way. I thought that was a method to access the custom recovery rom on the sd card. I'm very new at this, although I have built computers and installed tons of software -- I am new with linux and smartphones.

I tried using adb -- I couldn't even get it started. I downloaded the SDK files, then it made me download and install java development kit files. I did all that and still couldn't find adb. I know it's me, but there's just so much to learn about all this stuff.

So, then I thought those commands I saw posted were a way to access that via the phone. Forget stupid adb! So, I downloaded terminal program for the phone from market -- and all the commands did was do a factory re-set, which did not help at all.

The factory re-set took away my browser ability completely, since a few days ago in an experiment gone awry the stock Metro browser had been replaced by gereric Android 2.2 browser. With factory re-set it disappeared completely along with all the other browsers (Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire) I had installed. (Factory re-set does not replace stock files that have been deleted.) I knew enough not to delete the stock browser as others had mistakenly done -- but I was told that REPLACING MetroWeb browser with stock 2.2 Android browser was possible. But it's not, which is why my phone was acting wonky in the first place.

After the factory re-set, I didn't even have a browser button on the launcher. Market would not let me re-download all my apps, just kept endlessly "downloading" without doing anything.


Anyway, I re-installed factory 2.2 through a controversial method (thanks AndYo70) and I'm back in business. That Metro "Hello, Hello, Hello!" never sounded so good! (at that time, of course I got rid of it again. )

I had apps + data on sd card through Titanium backup, but until I got stock 2.2 re-installed and rooted I couldn't use the backup. Now, I'm re-rooted and have all apps + data restored. I also have full browser functionality.

The only problem I have now is my widgets are not loading while in Launcher Pro mode, yet they work in LG Home mode. Probably something to do with the backup restore process? I'll mess with them some more tomorrow.

Right now I am glad I have a functional phone back!


Yes, I would eventually like custom ROM but right now I'm going to breathe a sigh of relief for a day or so before doing anything else.
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