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Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
how is it over wifi? having problems with trying to play uncharted online, stupid ps3 won't connect for it. can surf the store fine though
Same thing as running w/ CAT5 ethernet. I didn't have any issues w/ my PS3 connecting wirelessly when I had it.

Originally Posted by Sweet Chaos View Post

Meh, it doesn't hold my attention long enough. If they took out all the "fight the endless waves of enemies" crap that they throw in maybe I would like it more. I love the levels where you have to, like, be all sneaky and crawl through the grass and stuff like that. I don't like having to take a million hits running from one tree to another because I have to progress far enough before they stop sending waves of enemies at me. Especially because I'll only play on Veteran. I loved the co-op "mini games" thing on MW2.
Oh I agree that certain missions are much much more enjoyable than others but Black Ops SP > MP imo. Whenever they do release another CoD, I'm hoping that it's IW that's in control and not Treyarch.
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