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Default Complete list of ROMs, Patches, and Kernels

With all of the recent development for our g-tabs, i just wanted to put together a list of useful links to ROMs, patches, kernels, etc from XDA/slatedroid. Hopefully having it all in one will help people make an informed decision about which software is best for their needs. I will try to keep this thread as up to date as possible.

**EDIT: 6/11/11** I am splitting these ROM's into two sections, one for each bootloader. If you need more info on which you have and/or how to switch, please visit this thread: [STICKY] Bootloader information - 1.1 and 1.2 dev branches and what you need to know - xda-developers

1.1 ROM's

Stock Viewsonic: GTab recovery firmware (homebrew and official Viewsonic versions) - xda-developers

Caulkin's G-Tab: Calkulin's G-Tab [ 3991 l Battery Saver script w/ Profiles]

CyanogenMod 7: CyanogenMod 7 for Viewsonic G Tablet

Deck - gingerbread-gtab-deck [2.3.4]

Evervolv: Evervolv | GRJ22/Android 2.3.4

gAdam: Alternative GTab firmware - NI Adam based - xda-developers

G-Harmony Gingerbread: G-Harmony Gingerbread 2.3.4 with Honeycomb elements

GtabComb (Honeycomb) - HoneyComb for Bootloader 1.1

TnT Lite: Alternate GTab Firmware - TnT Lite - xda-developers

Vanilla AOSP Gingerbread: Vanilla AOSP Gingerbread w/OC Kernel

VEGAn Tab (FroYo): VEGAn-Tab Build, based off Advent Vega firmware- xda-developers

VEGAn Tab (Gingerbread): VEGAn-TAB GingerEdition

Z-Pad: ZPad Clean for gTablet (GB Theme) - xda-developers

1.2 ROM's

Beasty's 2.2.1 - Beasty's 2.2.1 ROM (Adam) + Clemsyn ver 11 1.5ghz kernel - xda-developers

Bottle of Smoke (Honeycomb) - Honeycomb for GTAB 1.2-based firmware -

Brilliant Corners - Brilliant Corners alternative VEGA/Viewpad 10s based firmware -

Century Eyes - Century Eyes NI Adam based firmware -

Gingerbread Collection (1.1 ports for 1.2) - Gingerbread Rom Collection for Bootloader 1.2 Gtablet

GtabComb (Honeycomb) - HoneyComb for Bootloader 1.2

Flashback (Honeycomb) - [ROM - 1.2] Flashback - Honeycomb

Illuminate (Honeycomb) - Honeycomb Android Illuminate -

Mountain Laurel - Mountain Laurel alternative TnT based firmware -

VEGAn Tab (Gingerbread): VEGAn-TAB GingerEdition

[PATCH] TnT Stock Enhancement Pack - xda-developers

[Patch] Malware Exploit for all pre-Gingerbread devices

Clemsyn Ver 11 1.5ghz and BEYOND with PimpmyGtab vltage cntrl

[Kernel] - OC-UV-VFP_FP (1.400GHZ) - Gtab/Zpad

Calkulin+Clemsyn 1.5ghz Froyo Combo

[KERNEL] Clemsyn Version 11 PimpMyGtab Underclocking control

[Kernel] Clemsyn's Kernel for 1.2 bootloader only Froyo/Ginger/Honeycomb Version

if anyone finds anything that i do not have listed here, please let me know so that i can add it!
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