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Default About rampant consumer fraud...

Frykman, is it insurance you sell, or high horses? (lol... just a lil' joke. )
This is at least the second time I've seen you go all Cap'n Morality in a thread. Listen, people don't have to answer to you and they're not gonna. You're not going to change anyone's mind about this kind of behavior. You ranted on & on in a senseless, monotonous and futile battle with someone in another thread, and all for what? You simply can't change someone with an ingrained sense of entitlement and ability to justify nearly any fraudulent activity against a large corporation. Given that the collective moral compass of this culture definitely points more than a tad left of straight, I think your rants & personal attacks do nothing more than raise your own blood pressure needlessly. Maybe you or I couldn't ever bring ourselves to outright lie to get a replacement phone, but for each of us there are 7 or 8 or 28 who can. And they will! (Always.)
Where do you (personally) draw the line? Rooting phones and screwing with the software in itself is fraud. Sending a bricked phone in for a replacement most certainly is. That and "uh-oh, I dropped/bricked my phone. Time to screw Verizon..." pretty much makes up about 60% of the content of this forum.
By no means am I saying that because everybody does it, it's somehow acceptable. But I think you rant about the wrong issue. Ultimately, fraud always gets paid for. The business world is usually a step ahead and implements policies that allow for this extra burden. If you're gonna be pissy about it, you should be bitching that fraud gets paid for by honest consumers like you & me, just like we pay too much taxes to support lazy scumbags who milk the system. But ya gotta stop with the Morality Police BS because it makes you come off like you're too damned holy, and these guys really don't care. -Neither do the schleps that work the counter at Verizon for 12 bucks an hour, either. The problem is systemic.

Just my 2 cents, (cause you do give yours) and I'm not sparring with you. It's all I'm gonna say.
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