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Originally Posted by JSchu22 View Post
I have to admit that I'm fairly shocked at the level of tolerance that many of you have. I wouldn't hesitate to replace a phone with some of the problems listed here.
And, I'm impressed! I commend you all for being patient and for realizing that a case, or a piece of tape, or a little denial, make all of these issues not as glaring. If everything else works and there is no danger from the loose back or "T" falling off, then . . . it might just be okay.

I belonged to a BB forum for many years and the level of irritability over at that place was intense. A cricked this and a squeaky that. Take the phone apart and put this here, gum will solve this squeak, electrical tape will fix that thing. Didn't seem to bother them that they were exposing fragile phone innards in the process. Oh yes, and the white dots? They are some kind of safety dot thing that tells repair and warranty people if the phone had been opened. On that forum, they even had a plan for foiling the white dot deal. . . oh my.

I appreciate the patience of this forum as well as the deman for excellence. Some of the phone quality issues are not acceptable and should be fixed or replaced. I appreciate that most folks here can tell the diff.
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