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Originally Posted by 2miles View Post
I dropped my phone this past Sunday and cracked the screen all up. Everthing on the phone worked fine, only the screen was damaged. I was at the Sprint store at 9:00 a.m. monday morning and was out the door with a brand new screen at no cost by 9:30 a.m. The guy at Sprint told me that they used to charge $100 for the repair but not no more.

To me that's pretty good service!
Hmmm...I'm gonna ask some probably DUMB questions...

You DO have the Sprint insurance, yes? This wasn't a "within 30 days of purchase repair, yes?"

Secondly, so under WHAT circumstances does Sprint charge the $100 deductible?? ONLY if lost or stolen?? In other words, are ALL "repairs" (e.g., your screen) FREE?? When does someone have to pay the $100??

You're also talking about a situation where you were "lucky" enough that they had screens on hand. Since Best Buy doesn't do on site repairs there was NO WAY someone would be in and out the door with a cracked screen in 30 minutes (MAAAYBE 30 DAYS!!! ). But I wonder if you would have had the same luck if you walked into a Sprint store back in July or September like what happened to me and the rest of the link. I wonder if you were SUPER lucky in that the store had, on hand, an EVO screen that they could just swap out.

Either way, a good experience...and there is no way a turnaround like that could happen with Best Buy.

Thanks for the reply!
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