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Originally Posted by dario69 View Post
Ummm, technically the Galaxy S series is the only one that can compete or exceed the iPhone4 at this point. HTC devices need not apply. I say this as an owner of an iPhone4, Captivate, and HTC HD2 running NAND Android.
As of right now that is true in terms of gaming (Hummingbird GPU is very similar and slightly exceeds the A4). But in terms of overall productivity, the current generation (DHD, myTouch 4G, G2, Evo Shift, Liquid Metal, etc) of Qualcomm chips are superior to Hummingbird/A4 (according to Smartbench among other tests).

Once Tegra 2 comes out, it will probably be a different story.

I think what the poster meant to say is that the potential for Android phones is greater than that of the iPhone because there are so many manufacturers who make Android devices (ie. Samsung releases a chip, TI releases a chip better than that, Qualcomm releases a chip better than that, Nvdia releases a chip better than that, Samsung releases a chip better than that and the cycle keeps continuing througout the year with possibly other chip manufacturers coming into the picture). While all Apple is going to get is one chip per year, you will see Android devices sporting all those processors.
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