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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
Thanks for the tip -- I quit killing apps a long time ago, but I did have a Task Manager still installed. I uninstalled it and it seems like it's a little faster.

My number one thing is screen lag in returning to the home screen when running an app.

Are there any other tune-ups out there for the original Droid? I'm wanting a new phone bad (speed is king for me), but I'd really like to make it for one more push for a few months, to see these new phones coming.
Screen lag is going ot be caused by a number of differnet factors, but all of which add to the same causative agent: low memory.

Even if you only have a handful of apps installed (whereas I have like 140) if those apps have a lot of cache or data associate with them then they are going to eat a lot of your avilable memory up.

If you're running a stock DROID with the stock launcher, the best that you can do is to go through each app in Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications, taknig a look at how much space they are using, and in particular , how much cache space is being used by each app you ahve installed. Under the All tab you can also view cache use for apps that area installed with the System ROM itself (IOW, those that came with the phone that you cannot remove).

Another thing to look at is SMS and MMS storage - particularly SMS. SMS eats a lot of memory, and when we still had Eclair people were reporting issues with phones when they reached ~200 stored messages or more. If you reguarly use SMS, and need to keep them for whatever reason, I recommend the app SMS Backup & Restore - Android app on AppBrain - it makes a backup of all your SMS into an .XML file that it stores on your SDCard. Using this app, you can, once a month, make a backup, and then erase all the message out of your SMS, starting with a fresh slate - and usign a lot less memory.

The beauty of SMS B&R is that you can also restore any backups at any time - so if you need to go back through them to find some info, it doesn't take very long, depending upon the number of backups you ahve and hte number of SMS per backup, etc.

Finally, make use of Apps2SD whenever possible. Stock DROID users should get the app SDMove - Android app on AppBrain and can also get the sister app SDWatch - Android app on AppBrain to help monitor and move apps to the SDCard that support it.

If you're not on a stock DROID (i.e. you're rooted) then head over to Droid - All Things Root - Android Forums for answers regarding what to do with phones that are rooted and still sluggish - there are a lot more options for rooted users, too many to get into in this post.

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