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Originally Posted by deepakp View Post
My HTC Incredible has suddenly gone into a infinite cycle of reboots similar to the ones described in this thread, but a somewhat different sequence. When powered up, it starts the boot cycle and keeps repeating this sequence
1. Display the HTC splash screen (Auietly Brilliant)
2. Emit the Droid sound, display Droid logo
3. Display the red screen with the specs, followed by the red flash followed by the red eye.
That's it. It then goes back to step 1 after a few seconds and this sequence keeps repeating.

I will try the steps listed in this thread (already tried removing the battery and recharge) and see if I can restore it.

Any other thoughts?

The steps outlined by CDS are your best/easiest bet. Any solution will ultimately wipe your phone. The other solution would be to reload the OS through the ruu using a windows pc or install it from the sd card.
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