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Originally Posted by dumbphone View Post
Well, I have similair issues, with my wildfire, or should I say crappyfire. I have purchased 3 different size micro sd cards from ligit PC firms 2gb, 4gb and 8gb, all worked perfect in an adapter and have until I put them into my wildfire, oh yeah sorry crappyfire. Then I get an error, card corrupted, sc card blank or my favourite, unsupported filesystem! Even after I reformatted card with the device. Now there is now way 3 cards are bad, they are legit and like I said have worked before no bother, for months and months, then when I insert them into the Crappyfire, that is the end of them, they will no longer work in my crappyfire or my PC. I did read somewhere that widfire may over heat and this can cause the cd card to go bad, if this is a the case, whats the point of external memory if the card is just going to go bad, I have gotten on to my provider and htc, still waiting for answers, must say I am very VERY disappointed in this crappyfire from HTC.
have you tried to solve your problem at all,contacted retailer or htc or are you just happy to whinge, dont like it get rid of it, buy another phone and go and complain on another forum.
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