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Originally Posted by bigbadwulff View Post
You are not alone. I would love the FM transmitter. As I said earlier I really dislike having external items that can be lost/misplaced/be in another car/etc.
To me this is like saying using an ethernet cable is better than having a wireless router for internet use on a laptop.
just to be contrary. A wired connection is better from the vantage of throughput.

Originally Posted by PSkeptic View Post
It's pretty easy why you wont find a phone that has an FM transmitter inside of it:

The FCC has ruled in the past couple of years that any device that transmit on a licensed band (Cell freqs) can not transmit on an unlicensed (Or, actually, "licensed by rule" is the FCC term) band.

It has nothing to do with required antenna size, since your Part 15 FM-band device must have a terrible antenna in order to comply with specs( 25 uV/m at 3m distance, might be incorrect on the 25, but it's a tiny amount).

Add to that, if by some chance you WERE able to squeak it by the FCC, your phone now must meet ANOTHER round of testing, to ensure it will not cause "Harmful Interference".

Now, that being said, I can not for the life of me fathom why it would be so difficult to use a COTS Part 15 FM device attached to your phone, or a car dock solution connected to the FM stereo with one of these:
Scosche Universal FM Modulator FMMOD02 - Car FM modulator

You can't beat that, it's damned near direct cable to your stereo, and only an audiophile would notice. But, they'd noticed your compressed audio before that.
Thank you, I wondered if there was an FCC regulation about it. still takes quite a bit of power.

Originally Posted by quickaudi View Post
FWIW, I think that has been one of the better threads on this site in terms of information
it happens from time to time.
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