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I honestly don’t get what all the anger is about.

So a phone that is better than our Droid is coming out. Wow! I never thought that would happen! I believed that we had reached the zenith, the pinnacle, of all technological advancement in the smartphone industry in the Droid! Oh nooooo! I am going to kill myself!!

Seriously guys. Get a grip. Who cares. The Droid rocks. In a year, there will be phones that make the Nexus One look like a piece of crap. And the Droid like a bigger piece of crap. But, at the end of those 2 years, guess what! You can get the next best thing! And then see it become “obsolete” in a few months again! All of this flying back and forth, pissed off and upset, just makes you a slave to your wallet and to the latest gadgets. Live your lives! It’s sunny outside! Go run!

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