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Originally Posted by substanceneil View Post

I am a newb with android and did not realize that there was system data that nandroid will not back up. I think you are right--the radio software was updated and I lost my T-mobile GSM capability. The nandroid restore did not restore the old radio software. I tried various methods of restoring including data wipes and factory reset, etc...

Interesting things with my updates:

1) the voice quality improved completely, but only for a few calls. even before my restore, I was back having to use a BT to make calls.

2) the SBF update worked well, but the OTA update led to a issue wtih the touchscreen. I wasn't able to even unlock the phone. I had to re-SBF. I tried several times. looks like the newest software has some incompatibility with my DP's touchscreen.

3) The battery life is now WAAAAY better. I used to use an extended battery and keep my old standard in my wallet. I used to limit GPS, wifi, etc. Now I can last nearly two days without such judicious use of my radios.

Live and learn.

I am leaving my job soon, and will lose my free Verizon connection. At that point, I will upgrade my T-mobile to include a data plan and shop for a new phone. Nexus S looks nice. CLIQ2 looks nice. Any suggestions?

Glad so many other things were an upgrade for you! Sorry you lost the T-Mobile ability, but it sounds like it won't really be an issue down the road anyway. It's interesting that there are so many quirks with the release software on a pre-release phone.

As far as T-Mobile phones go, you've got a nice selection of choices right now. The Nexus S is of course a solid way to go, especially with the promise of early Google updates, but you don't get an SD card slot, so you have no way to upgrade the storage. There's also the G2 if you're interested in a vanilla Android experience and a hardware keyboard, the myTouch 4G (or however they capitalise that) if you're into Sense, the Vibrant if you like TouchWiz but hate using GPS, and the CLIQ 2 if you hate yourself. T-Mobile is really the place to be right now if you're an Android least until the next round of Motorola and HTC phones come out.
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