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I'm in and it's showing my installed apps. (The invalid request is rolling back, if you see this, just re-try in a little bit.)

edit1 - I've just sent a Chrome-to-phone of an app I kept forgetting to d/l...

edit2 - OK, it's a little buggy -

  • Security certificate error on my phone - showed details - doesn't match - I was ok with that, so I proceeded.
  • Hit the Install button on the app page I sent over - it detected that I wasn't signed in, gave me a dialog to complete that - so far, so good
  • Got a dialog saying there was no device associated with my account - went back to the market on the desktop -> market account -> settings -> "Don't see your device?"
    • They're telling me that either my device isn't in there yet, or it's not my primary account, or I've not accessed the Market from my device recently.
    • Uh - ok. So, using Market app, just downloaded (then erased) Newegg Mobile.
    • Actually - reading their help page - they say to access the Market with the app, then re-try the web...
  • No soap so far on that download...

edit3 - Cleared cache - still nada. Even tried turning on Talk. Will just try again later. I _know_ I associated a phone with my Google account somewhere... Chrome-to-phone? Maps? Market? It's been too long...
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