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Originally Posted by gotwillk View Post
i don't see how ppl are switching out phones if they just started a new 2 year contract. are ppl paying full price for the phone or something?
I have been paying $400 a year on average for phones for the last 6-7 years. Most expensive was iPhone on launch day ($600) and cheapest was Droid ($199). I have no loyalty whatsoever to any carrier, provide me the best phone and I'll use your service (if it works, unlike AT&T at my new house), that is my philosophy. I'll use a phone for a while and when something better comes out, if it is enough of an improvement I'll buy it, pay retail, pay cancellation fees, whatever. I don't have a ton of money but the one thing I will save money for and put in my budget is the latest and greatest cell phones.

I am looking forward to a great android phone (Droid is only good because it has a keyboard, no keyboard it would be great) and a new iPhone so I can make a choice and move on from the Droid which has never been more than a phone I will just use until a really good one comes along.
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