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Originally Posted by elemteacher2be View Post
I am buying my first Android in early March, and have been debating which phone to get.

At first I was convinced on the Nexus S. Then I began to wonder if I should get the MyTouch (my brother just got it and loves it). THEN I heard about the Galaxy S 4G and so I am now all the more confused.

Since people seem to say having a 3G phone isn't any worse than the 4G at this point, I don't know how important that should be to me (remember, I haven't used a data plan before). Then there is Nexus' 2.3. How important should that be in my decision? After all, that can be updated in the Galaxy, right? Will the Nexus' blank Vanilla slate be difficult for a new Android user? Or will all the add on's (like Inception!) be a headache and hassle to get OFF the Galaxy?

Anyone have answers or advice?
Imo the Nexus S is better than both those devices. The Galaxy s 4g has touchwiz on it and no camera flash. It's nothing too advanced its just the vibrant with 4g capability and a front facing camera. And honestly I wouldn't want to be stuck waiting for an update. Sure most likely it will get android 2.3 but it probably won't get the update until late in the summer. By that time the Nexus S has android 2.4 or whatever the latest software update is.

And the mytouch 4g is a nice phone it has more ram and a slightly better processor. But it has carrier crapware on it, and it's gpu can't even compare to what's in the Nexus S or any of the samsung galaxy s phones. And if you play games that's a pretty big deal. Before I had a smartphone I never played games. But once you get a high end device it really starts to become an important factor.

As far as stock android goes it's really not that complicated. You will get the hang of it in a few days. And it's much easier than most phones with a manufacturer Ui overlayed. It's honestly the only way I will go from now on. I will keep buying Nexus phones from now on. Nothing can even compare in my eyes. And you won't have to deal with fragmentation. Even though you could root your phone but that can be complicated sometimes. Although I enjoy flashing custom roms.

Also 4g in my area doesn't really matter. I get faster speeds than my friend and he has a MyTouch 4g. Although the 4G speeds on the Galaxy s 4g will be significantly faster.

Hopefully this helps.
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