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Default! This thread has been a tough read. I can see things from two perspectives.

1. Newsradio believes he has information on a phone we are all dying to find more info on. He decides to share this information with us which is very admirable. However, and I could be wrong, but newsradio's primary language may not be english. This would explain the confusion in some of his posts. I can only imagine the frustration of trying to clearly communicate in another language. Due to this, frustration sets in with others reading his posts.

2. From Nashdroid's perspective, we could have a guy on here completely wasting peoples time, claiming to have new information, who then strings everyone along with a simple description of the phone.

Now, I have read every post, even though newsradio has deleted his. I read the quotes from Nashdroids posts. I have come to the conclusion that number 1 above is the most likely. Do I blame Nashdroid for his attitude towards newsradio? No. We are all itching for new information, some of us, including me, are checking for new news constantly. We are all getting a little edgey about it all. There are soooo many conflicting reports and rumors. Heck, we don't even know what the name of the phone is we all want. Passion/Dragon/Bravo/Incredible?????? I think we all just need to chill out a little and take a deep breath. Nothing is going to quench my thirst for this phone until I have it in my hand! But I will take whatever little drops I can for the time being. Newsradio, if you read this, please feel free to give us any more info you have. If not, thank you for what you have shared anyway.

By the way, I have read many of Nashdroids other posts and he has never came across rude or condescending in any way before. But everyone gets pushed to the limit sometimes.
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