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Originally Posted by elemteacher2be View Post
From what I've been able to figure out T-Mobile is going to be cheaper for me than Verizon. I've also had people tell me (who've had both networks) that T-Mobile is faster for them (people living near me).

My brother is on T-Mobile, so that's a plus.

Verizon would have kept me if the iPhone were better, but I've seen too many not-so-good comments (esp. from consumer reports).

The Nexus also made me more convinced to go to T-Mobile.

So over all, you all think that between the 3G on the Nexus and the 4G on the myTouch - it's not going to be a huge difference for day-to-day use? Is the 3G REAL speed and 4G REAL speed a huge diff. or not...I think that's my biggest hold up on which of the two phones I should get (mytouch or Nexus).
The thing about T-Mobile's HSPA+ version of 4G is that anywhere a 4G phone would get faster than 3G speeds, a 3G (HSPA non-plus phone, like the NS) would max out its speeds. Real world speeds for the MT4G are usually around 7mbps but sometimes as much as 10mbps under ideal conditions in a 4G zone, but anywhere the MT4G surpasses the HSPA non-plus cap of ~7mbps, the Nexus S (or any other HSPA non-plus device) will pretty effectively max out the connection, yielding close to 7mbps.

That's just one of the nice things about HSPA+, allowing the old standard to utilize the newly backhauled system.
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