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Originally Posted by elemteacher2be View Post
I'm going to pretend that I sort of understood all that... lol (I think I did)...

But is that speed really necessary. I don't play games and am not really much a player (other than boring word games lol) so I don't really think that aspect of needing the 4G to be applicable to me. I think for me it will be a lot of internet/facebook/twitter usage and texting (which I think I can do via GVoice and not have to pay for a texting package).

For that type of use - do I need the HSPA+ speeds? Or is Gingerbread more important? I think those are the two things I need to decide between but have yet to really find anyone to give me a clear idea of what I will prefer.

What do I want/need more: 4G or 2.3?

Am I right? Are those the basic differences between the phones (other than NS being vanilla)?
Well for example to play a youtube video with it loading really quickly you need about 4-5 mbs. All of the things that you say you do, you can do in a breeze. Things load really quickly for me with 1-2 mbs per second.

Also google voice is great for texting. You get a different number. And you can send all the texts you want and all it requires is a data connection.

Also I wouldn't really say that the only differences are 4g and stock android. There are so many other things. I used to love HTC phones, but lately the hardware they use isn't the greatest. Especially when it comes down to the camera lens. I was really surprised with how good the lens is on the Nexus S. Honestly I could go on all day about why the Nexus S is the better choice. Plus it all depends on what's available when you can buy it in March. I mean hopefully the lg Optimus 2x comes out on tmobile by then. Although you would still have to deal with crapware and slow system updates.
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