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Originally Posted by elemteacher2be View Post
I'm going to pretend that I sort of understood all that... lol (I think I did)...

But is that speed really necessary. I don't play games and am not really much a player (other than boring word games lol) so I don't really think that aspect of needing the 4G to be applicable to me. I think for me it will be a lot of internet/facebook/twitter usage and texting (which I think I can do via GVoice and not have to pay for a texting package).

For that type of use - do I need the HSPA+ speeds? Or is Gingerbread more important? I think those are the two things I need to decide between but have yet to really find anyone to give me a clear idea of what I will prefer.

What do I want/need more: 4G or 2.3?

Am I right? Are those the basic differences between the phones (other than NS being vanilla)?
IMHO, that 7.2Mbps cap of HSPA non-plus is easily enough for any Smartphone needs. It's more than enough to buffer music or video faster than you can play it. Mobile games also don't need tons of bandwidth.

What I meant with my last post was that anywhere a HSPA non-plus phone can't max out its connection, HSPA+ phones won't surpass that speed either. Think of HSPA+ as an add-on for HSPA that gives it more bandwidth to divvy out. If the extra bandwidth isn't there, neither type of phone can go any faster.
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