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Originally Posted by quantumrand View Post
Words to take into heavy consideration. I don't care if a phone has a 12MP camera; without a flash, it's pretty much worthless for 90% of indoor situations and anything other than fairly bright days.

Elemteacher2be, since you're waiting until March, it's best just to pay attention to your options and make a choice once you're ready to make the purchase. I'd say that the Nexus S is by far the best choice compared to the Vibrant 4G and MT4G, but March will probably bring a few more phones. It's possible that a nice dual core phone with a bit better future proofing over the NS will be available for you.
Dude!! Are you kidding me? I had the Vibrant, and that took better pictures than some of these $300 12MP digital cameras that had flash. The Camera software was perfect. I took this picture in the dark, and there was still light from my outside porch light. The picture was just like how I was seeing it. I had to turn on the option for night mode and there it was. The picture was practically flawless. I don't know if the picture quality would have been the same with flash, since flash adds to the camera program. Meaning, not so good in low light, but you have flash. The other choice being no flash, but you can take better pictures. Although flash is always good, I was taking uber smooth pictures with the Vibrant. Also, I think you're able to take pictures faster as well. I had a rapid snap mode. Saves 9 pictures in like 2 seconds I think. I was driving in tested it out. I didn't even look like the terrain was moving. I haven't seen that since the Samsung Memoir.

Though I understand what you mean. The times it was dark, I really wanted that flash, or that extra boost in light, because Night mode still wasn't pulling in enough light. So flash is a good feature, but don't think flashless phones are pointless. Quality or Convenience.
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