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Originally Posted by Bosco3 View Post
You may want to push back on that "have to add the data plan to the other line" if it means you'll wind up with an extra data plan you don't need/want.

At one point, my Dad had an HTC Tilt. He broke the screen after a couple of months. He went back to replace it (wound up with an iPhone 3GS), but it was to early in the contract to do anything but pay full price (no upgrade available).

The rep at the AT&T store had the same suggestion - use my Mom's available upgrade to get the discounted price. I'm 99% sure they did not need to put a data plan on my Mom's line (she had an old junk flip phone), just extend her contract date 2yrs.
I thought I would be able to just extend the other contract 2 years and not have them add the data plan to the other line. They are aware I have no intention of using the inspire on the line I am using for the upgrade. It's no big deal either way. If they add it then I will take it off when I get home. Just glad they let me upgrade. I don't even see the big deal about them letting me upgrade using another line. They are getting their new 2 year contract, what does it matter if it is me or my family member getting the phone. A new 2 year contract is a new 2 year contract no matter how you slice it.
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