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Meh, I'm getting behind the Xoom. While there will be plenty of other tablets to come out this year, the bottom line is still that Honeycomb is Google's focus on the tablet market. Any Android tablet that's going to be worth owning is going to be running it, so I might as well get the first one available.

Updates will undoubtedly come out over the first year, adding features and benefits. But the system, as shown, is already worth owning... and the rumored pricing is still very much in line with a decent model ipad... for hardware that does MUCH more.

I also disagree with the poster that the iPad 2 will be comparable. Until it is actually announced, we have no idea what functionality it will include. Even if it includes comparable hardware specs, I sincerely doubt Apple has made the type of consideration of retooling iOS specifically for a tablet form factor. In the last 3 iterations of iOS updates, the changes have been incremental at best; nothing that ever feels remarkably different.

It is safe to be confident that the Xoom is future proofed for at least the next year until we see 3rd gen tablets hitting the market. Whether consumers are willing to upgrade tablets every 1-2 years, like we do with our smartphones, is an entirely different matter though.
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