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Originally Posted by Firestorm65 View Post
Choice is freedom, not fragmentation. But freedom comes with responsibility to know what you can and cannot do without hand-holding. Not suitable for all audiences.
I like the Android platform, I really do. However, with all the different resolutions, and now addition to all the manufacturer software caveats make a very difficult platform to code for.

Application quality suffers greatly with Android. Developers have to plan for many many different variations of devices.

Regardless, I guess this thread shouldn't be about the pro's and cons on having no hardware regulations on the Android platform...however...This is a Kyocera device...if HTC can't get updates out in a timely fashion, I certainly question the ability of a popular pre-paid disposable cell phone manufacturer.

If Kyocera can't have the software optimized for the launch, it says a lot about how the device will be supported in the long run.

Dual screens is a noble thought, the execution may not be.
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