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Originally Posted by bucketheadmn View Post
I would assume that Transformer is going to come sans keyboard. I think I remember reading somewhere that it will be like $200-$300 to add it - along with a keyboard it adds in like 16 hours of battery life in addition as well.

If Notion Ink would come out and say 100% for sure that they will upgrade to 3.0 I would get in on pre-order 2. I have been following in the last week or so, but there is to much ambiguity surrounding it at this time to pre-order.
Awesome if the transformer does come sans keyboard. Otherwise I think the pricing goes the way of the Atrix.
Notion has confirmed that they are going to be working on Honeycomb. Course they have had problem with information giving in the past. But this was from the blog post yesterday (Eden being the OS on the Adam):

"The current OS is Android 2.2 with necessary components borrowed from Gingerbread. Notion Ink will NOT be updating to Gingerbread, but will be directly migrating to Honeycomb in future. There will be constant updates on the OS and most of the new updates will be for the new applications from our partners. Eden will have timely updates for more feature additions and 3rd party softwares which will be provided. You can install any application (Android 1.6 and above) on Adam."
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