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Originally Posted by kiwiiwik View Post
Ok, so my SGS is great, had it two months and love it.

I've rooted it using x4root and then used oneclick lag fix and the speed is 90% of the time fine.

However lately I keep getting black screen and force close (often, but not always, it mentions TWLauncher when force closing) and I have to turn it off and usually remove battery to carry on.

Ok, This happening everynow and then is no biggy but its got to like 5 times a day sometimes. I've recently uninstalled all the apps that I know of that were autosyncing (i.e news apps, facebook) because I noticed that the black screen crash issue was happening 90 percent of the time when it/something was syncing.

Any advice?

How do I find out which app, if it is an app, that is causing it to become unstable? Is there a known list (I've googled and searched here) of unstable apps?

On a side note, people talking about roms, I don't understand it completely but I'm about to do some research, are some roms more stable and less prone to crashing???

Please someone help me out, as there are other people with the same issue, I haven't found any help so far, but thanks in advance for ANY input/advice.

Oh yeah, its on 2.2!

Cheers guys,

If you getting a lot of FC's it might be worth doing a wipe data/factory reset through recovery mode:
To get into recovery mode, power phone off first, and wait for 60 seconds.
Then press and hold the following: Volume up + Home + Power.

Release Power key when phone gets to the boot screen where it says Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.

Keep the other 2 keys pressed until the next screen has finished loading.
Then look at the top for WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, use volume up/down to navigate to it, press home key to OK the action.

On the next screen look for YES, Volume up/down to navigate to it, home key to OK the action.

WARNING: doing this will most likely wipe your contacts, accounts, ect and you will have to set the phone up again.

If you looking to custom Roms, have a look at Darky's Rom V9.2 Extreme Edition
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