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Originally Posted by Jazziette View Post
Joser, your post is simply not accurate! To set the record straight, Cricket DOES have a facebook page and this is what they have posted in answer to a question about the Ascend 2.2 upgrade:


Cricket Facebook Page

Cricket Wireless Hi Greg - We currently have a 2.2 update for Zio coming soon. Updates to devices such as Ascend from Huawei are at the discretion of the device manufacturer where one will be available and not the carrier. We'll keep you posted on any further developments.


This was posted 4 hours ago from the time and date of this post. So Ascend users...don't ditch your phones just yet.

Well they need to see the thread to see the whole story. There will be an update, but it is not going to be delivered by Cricket, but it will still be releasede by Huawei.
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