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Originally Posted by N3TWORK BURN3R View Post
Discriminating? I doubt its that. 99% of the world has windows, .5% has MacOSX and .5% use linux :-)
I disagree. I think it's more like 93%, 5% afd 2% nowadays for workstations. Quite the flip flop for servers.

But that's just what I feel like reading more recently, I can't provide you with a link to that. We could split this hair all day

Maybe I'll dig into it a little later after I ... sigh... take this four hour online defensive driving course, but before I ...sigh... help entertain 7 little eleven year olds for a birthday party/sleepover.

Seriously though. No discrimination in this sorta stuff, just playin' the market, ya know? If 93% of the market is PC, of course that'd be the focus..
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