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Originally Posted by mattbe213 View Post
OK. Just double checked anf allenfx is correct. However, I am still right when it comrs ti Wi-First being better for your battery than using at&t data! I have had good batter kife wwith Wi-First and the batteru widget can prove it. Please disregard the turning off of mobile network when you use Wi-Fi, but read the rest.

I agree. Using wi-fi is faster/uses less battery power than phone for data if available. I turn off Wi-fi when no wi-fi is in range but do not bother turning off data when using wi-fi (unless im going to be browsing for a LONG TIME and want to try and suck every ounce of juice out of this baby as i can)

Bottom line its all screen killing battery anyway so AT VERY LEAST..install the brightness widget on a handy home screen and micro-manage that at least...
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