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1. Ensure that the device can make and receive calls before proceeding.
2. Power off the device by pressing and holding the Power Button and then selecting Power Off
3. Remove the SIM cover; verify that the SIM is securely and correctly installed in the device.
4. Replace the battery/battery cover and power the device on.
5. Verify coverage; check the signal icon at the top of the screen. If less than two bars of signal, go to another location and try again.
6. Make sure that Airplane mode isn’t turned on by, pressing and holding the Power button. You should see text saying “Airplane Mode is OFF” under Airplane Mode.
7. Ensure that the Data Connection on the phone is active by going to
Home>Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks
Make sure that Mobile network is checked.
8. If the user is roaming, check the Data Roaming settings by going to
Home>Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks
Make sure that Data roaming is checked.
9. Enable the Always-on mobile connection setting.
Home>Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks
Make sure that Enable always-on mobile data is checked.
10. Open Internet Explorer and attempt to browse to a webpage.
11. If the issue persists, perform a Hard Reset and try again. The soft reset was performed when you were having the user check for the SIM installation.
12. If the Hard Reset does not resolve the issue contact your carrier as this device requires specific provisioning in order to connect to the AT&T Network.

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