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Originally Posted by Cam501 View Post
awesome...I've been trying to decide what to do as my US cellular contract has been up and I have 3 options at this point and need to make a decision soon. I'm also partial to HTC for my next phone purchase.

Option1: Stay with us cellular and switch to a new plan with data buying an HTC Desire.

Option2: Add a line to my parents verizon family plan, port my number and pay the difference in the bill with buying an HTC Droid Incredible. (with the issue that the due date will be at a bad time of month and i have to decide in the next few days or they won't go along with it)

Option3: Switch to Sprint and use the 18% corporate discount and leaning towards an Evo for this option.

T-Mobile is too pricey for the packages I'm looking at, and I have a smaller discount on AT&T, but due to an unresolved issue going back to the Cingular days that is not an option.
Tough calls there; you have good options, at least. I can say this, Sprint has been pretty damn good to me over the many years I have been with them. I travel extensivly for work and coverage has been great. The prices and plans are probably the best around. With your discount they will be even better. The EVO is a sweet phone.
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