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Originally Posted by wholcomb0001 View Post
What problems are you talking about?
The battery charger seemed to be the most problematic and a few people had to replace the battery itself.
(Here's a alternative replacement for the battery charger found at RadioShack .)

Enercell 9VDC - 1500 mA
Adapter "I"

Be sure to get the correct polarity on the adapter (Important).
I won't know what the correct polarity on the adapter will be until i receive my flytouch 3.

Battery charger not charging: When the tablet is switched off, it will not charge. It must be running on to be charging. Also, doesn't update the battery status while in standby. Bring it out of standby and it looks like the battery is charging fast until the widget catches up to the actual charge... i.e. %2 increase every 5 seconds or so.

Battery life not long: Install a apps killer, Turn off WiFi.

There are more but i want to be sure I'm referring to Superpad 2 Mytouch 3. I have to go back and check my sources.
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